St. Louis Beer Resources

People in St. Louis like beer, a lot. There’s plenty of resources out there for finding beer in the area but here are a few of my favorite that can help you on your journey.

STL Hops – STL Hops is one of the longest standing resources for craft beer information in Saint Louis. In fact, this link is directly to their list of craft breweries in Saint Louis. You’ll find plenty of beer lists which are kept up-to-date on who has what beer in the area. There’s a forum, a calendar of events and even STL Hops swag.

Saint Brewis – Great blog that is very simple and clean but features detailed reviews about local St. Louis beer. There’s a lot of articles, info and it is also blogged on by a certified Cicerone®. Also features sightings of what’s on shelves at local stores.

St. Louis Brewers Guild – A 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to promoting over 40 breweries around the St. Louis area. The brewers guild annually holds the Heritage Festival with tastings of over 100 styles of beer and new for 2016 is holding a Halloween beer event in Lafayette Park.